Laboratory Rubber and Synthetic Articles

We produce mouldings made out of natural rubber and synthetic materials. Our usual elastomers are natural rubber, silicone, latex rubber, Viton®, nitrile Rubber, SBR, butyl, EPDM, and neoprene. With our assortment we offer rubber stoppers for laboratories, pipette fillers, the Flip, gas hoses made out of rubber or silicone, as well as a huge range of custom made mouldings and disks. We also produce individual mouldings for all different kinds of industrial appliances.

Rubber Stopper DIN 12871
Further Products:
Stoppers, Hoses, Disks, Balls, Hoppers, Sheets, Canopies, Cuffs, Gas Hoses


ISO 9001:2015
AEO (Customs)

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