Molded Items [Rubber Stoppers meeting DIN 12 871]
[Stoppers for Butyrometers]
[Spiral Stoppers]
[Rubber Washers (filter disk)]
[Rubber Cuffs for Filtering]
[Filter Ring with flange]
[Rubber Spacers for Filtering(GUKO)]
[Hollow Stoppers]
[Rubber Sleeve Stoppers]
[Rubber Policeman]
[Rubber Spatulas]
[Reagent Glassware Cleaner]
Safety Pipette Filler [Safety Pipette Filler]
[Safety Pipette Filler "Flip"]
Pipetting devices [Rubber Bulbs for smaller pipettes]
[Rubber Bulbs for larger pipettes]
[Rubber Balloon]
[Rubber Balloon with hose connection]
[Vacuum / pressure Bulb]
[Rubber Bulb Set with net]
[Atomizer Bulbs]
Gas Hoses [Safety Gas Hose]
[Gas Hose for Gas Burners]
[Igniter "Clipper"]
Tubing [Laboratory Tubing]
[Silicone Tubing]
[Tubing made of Viton® ]
[Butyl Tubing]
[Latex Tubing]
[Perbunan Tubing]
[PVC Tubing]
[PVC Tubing with reinforcing webbing]
[Polyethylene Tubing]
[PTFE Tubing]
[Tubing-Porous Rubber]
Sheets [Silicone Sheets]
[Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheets]