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[Rubber Stoppers meeting DIN 12871]
[Stoppers for butyrometer]
[Spiral Stoppers]
[Rubber Washers (filter disk)]
[Rubber Cuffs for filtering]
[Filter Ring with flange]
[Rubber Spacers for Filtering (GUKO)]
[Hollow Stoppers]
[Rubber Sleeve Stoppers]
[Rubber Policeman]
[Rubber Spatulas]
[Reagent Glassware Cleaner]



Silicone (VMQ)
temperature resistant up to +260°C
non - slip

Catalog No
Dimension (mm)
250 0250 red 250 x 250
250 0251 black 250 x 250
250 0350 red 350 x 350
250 0351 black 350 x 350



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